sábado, 23 de julio de 2011

I feel lost without you!

Every night, I ask, when can I back to see you?...
It's a great ask, I feel like a silly little girl, 'cause, I know I never going to see you again!
God wanted to taked you to the sky, with your daddy-my granddaddy- with our aunt...with all our dear family...
You were, the one person, that know me, that love me-like my mom- I miss you... I just want to erase the 1st August, 2008 of my calendar, erase this day of my life...
And now...I just ask, How can I make it?
I miss you, my dear uncle...my dear 'Martini'...My dear english teacher.
Always,When I will see to the sky... I'm going to remember you, smile me - like always-
Will I ever see you, again? :(

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